Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrity Death Pool 2012

I know I'm way late on this and will abstain from competition and from also knowing who has already died this year. This is my list for the remainder of the year, just for the hell of it. I CANNOT win, just for fun for me. I'll try to remember next year.
1. Nelson Mandela
2. Prince Philip
3. Betty White
4. Jimmy Carter
5. Wilford Brimley
6. Sir Thomas Sean Connery
7. Queen Elizabeth II
8. Muhammad Ali
9. Casey Anthony
10. Joan Rivers


Waple said...

Yay! More fun for Thom and me as well. I say you should be able to play along. Thoughts, Thom?

Thom said...

I say he shouldn't be disqualified, but he should have to put more money into the pot (just a little bit more, not much). What do you think?

jp said...

I'm sad that I have to agree with your decision to have Betty White on your list.

Waple said...

I don't think he should have to put more in. I also don't think Betty White is going to die. Isn't she on a sitcom right now? I think she's in pretty good shape.

Randall said...

What's the ante?

Waple said...

See the rules on the earlier post. $10 per person, money is given to winner (or split among winners).