Saturday, August 27, 2011

How was the trip?

Mike and Waple- Tell us all about the trip out East!


Waple said...

There was a lot of farting (in order of most farts):
1. Mike
2. Andrew
3. Tim

Lots of great food (in order of greatness)
1. Chocolate, bacon, maple, whipped cream milk shake
2. fried Snickers
3. Ben & Jerry's sundae
4. Clam Chowda in Boston
5. Coconut and cornmeal waffle with chili and cheese
6. shrimp at Jayna's
7. lobster roll
8. Philly cheese steak

Coolest things I saw (in order of coolness):
1. Ric and Washington DC, especially the Capitol tour and Washington Monument's interior
2. A band in Vermont in a festival called the Two Man Gentleman Band
3. Constitution Hall in Philly
4. Acadia National Park's mountains
5. Atlantic City's boardwalk
6. Sam Adams tour in Boston
7. Ben & Jerry's factory

Things I will go back to again to see more of:
1. Boston
2. DC
3. Philly
4. New Hampshire

Thom said...

It sounds like the trip was great! I have to admit, I'm most intrigued by the milk shake. How does that even work?