Monday, June 06, 2011

Obligatory Updates

I've been keeping myself busy. I still have the same content screening job. But, I'm also doing this...

-New Zealand was incredible, as you already probably know. I barely had any time back home before I was called in to do some test scoring for Pearson. I was fast, probably too fast, at scoring tests. It was fun!

-I'm upset that the Bulls lost to the Heat. I wish the Heat would lose to the Mavs, but it's highly doubtful.

-Thanks to John's help, To a T Editorial Group is in business. Visit to learn more. You can judge how successful my business is by the thickness of my wallet. It's not all about the cash, though. Also, as a public service, To a T is on Twitter, offering daily grammar tips (@TTEditorial). It's also on Facebook ( where short weekly articles about writing and publishing are posted. Thanks to those of you who liked the company Facebook page!

-I'm working on two major writing projects: One is really ambitious, and the other is a collection of all the Insanity's Cure columns from back in the day. Fun!

-I try to write on my personal blog daily. It's almost always fiction, poetry, or some other creative form of writing.

-I created a fan page for myself on Facebook. At first, I wasn't sure if it was a good idea because I hate seeming egotistical, but then I realized that I had a Facebook group devoted to my writing and Facebook plans on phasing it out, so it made sense to start the page. I've always been bad about promoting my writing, so I figure this is a good way to do it. Hopefully, I'll get some fans on there, because that "0 People Have Liked This Page" makes me depressed. Then again, I suppose I could like it, which would make things even more pathetic: "You're your one and only fan."

-I exercise as often as possible.

-I'm hitting the road for Kansas City tomorrow morning. Wish me safe travels!

Feel free to update all of us on your lives, if you want! I'd love to hear what's been going on as I'm sure everyone else would. I realize most of us saw each other last month, but it doesn't hurt to stay updated. Plus, I was hoping we could get the Smith Ground blog going again.


Waple said...

Somehow I still haven't heard about your trip to NZ. I should educate myself by looking at your photos on fb since I think you said you're tired of talking about it.

Speaking of fb, is this fan page for yourself different than a fan page for your new company? It sounds like you're doing a lot to promote your company. I think it's so awesome that you actually got the company going. How's it been going so far?
I have a friend who is out of work who worked for a magazine. I know you said you would use contractors if you had to, but I assume you won't get to that point for a while, and you probably have your own go-to people, right?

The Mavs/Heat series has been good, and by good, I mean that the Heat are now losing!

I hear KC is awesome. I'll look forward to hearing about that as well. What made you want to go? Friends, I assume?

Lastly, I need to start exercising again. My job ruined my fitness and now that I don't have one anymore I think I might actually have to pay for a gym membership, like a regular person. I don't like that thought. It's pitting my health against my checkbook, a worthy adversary.

Thom said...

Look at the NZ photos and ask me questions about it after you look at the photos. I'd rather do that than rehash everything.

The fan page for myself is to substitute for the Facebook group (...By Thom Kudla) that I use to update people on my writing. The To a T fan page is a tool to establish my company's Web presence. I recommend you "like" both pages!

The business is generating interest. But I have yet to seal the deal. Yes, I do have some contractors, but I'm always open to having more, so if your friend wants in, let me know. Provide me with your friend's contact info. I can't promise any work from the start, but you never know.

Go Mavs!

KC was great. Excellent barbecue. I was there to visit Melanie.

Exercise is a worthy investment!