Sunday, March 20, 2011

Update us!

Let's get an update from everyone who reads this blog! Since it is my request, I will go first: I'm getting by, working that one job, hoping to write more often, and I plan to double up on my exercise routine. That, and next month it's off to New Zealand! Then, the month after that, it's the official launch of my business! Since I can't seem to catch a break, I'll make my own luck.


Waple said...

I'm trying to get by and not lose my job. Hopefully I'll find out soon. JOY!

I'm trying to keep doing improv, but that might be dicey as well since our shows haven't been very good and the team might get cut. Don't know.

I am also trying to get sketch comedy back into my life, but meeting with other people from Bubble in Chicago is hard enough to do even once every two weeks that I'm not sure it'll go very far. I have so little free time with the top two things keeping me so busy (mostly the job), and it sucks to think that I'm giving them my all and I'm still failing at them. "Frustration" is the word of the school year so far.

Good news: going to Btown in April for a Bubble BBQ. Going to Indy the weekend school ends for Bubble wedding. I'm one year closer to retirement. My family has its health. I have savings. The Bulls are good. Football season is only five months away. Thom is starting his new biznass (stay the fuck up out my BIZNASS, cause it's mine, all mine) and is going to New Zealand. Go, Team Kudla.

Thom said...

I wish you the best with the job and the improv. Even if you weren't doing a good job teaching, I doubt they would want to introduce another new teacher to their system. But you are doing a good job regardless of what is perceived, so hopefully it won't be a problem.

As for improv, Sara and I thought you guys were funny! Pay more attention to the crowd instead of being self-critical.

It'd be great if you guys got Bubble fired up in Chicago. People here would love that!

Fun times in Indiana! Good stuff to look forward to.

Damn right the Bulls are good!

Waple said...

Thanks, Holmes. I know I'm working hard. It's just a shame if it doesn't work out because, as you know, the job search is a bitch.

Did you see the Bulls tonight and last night? They won those games by a total of around 80 points. That's gotta be a Bulls record. I can't wait for the playoffs, knowing that this year they actually have a chance of winning it all or getting to the semis, at least.

What's the plan for your business? I'm excited that you're about to start it. Got a site we can see?

shinysara said...

Nothing's really changed since the last time I talked to the two of you. I'm basically just counting down the days till april when Matt and I are going to NYC to see LCD Soundsystem's last concert ever, and then the following weekend we are moving into our new wicker park apartment! I'm very excited. Job is ok, still searching for something more permanent/higher paying though.

Waple I agree with thom, we thought your comedy group was really funny, I hope you guys remain a team so I can come see you perform again. I also hope you don't lose your job, job hunting is the worst.

Thom, tell lindsay I'm sorry I couldn't be at her wedding! I hope you have a great trip!

jp said...



So, let's see- I left MediaSauce before because, well, times were tough. But the housing market's crap, so I couldn't sell my place and get out of a new job at this place in town, Young & Laramore. They did all the Steak 'n Shake ads for a while, and do all the Stanley Steemer, Brizo, and Scotts Miracle-Gro stuff now. Working on getting some more cool clients, so we'll see how all of that pans out.

In other news, started up a little group in town called Indy Social Media: We're presenting information in internet marketing type stuff, and how the rise of social technology on the internet is affecting us all. We just sold out our first 200 tickets in 2 hours, so life's good there. All the money's going to a scholarship fund and a grant-making board.

Other than that, I'm doing random side projects for friends, trying to beef up on my design chops by building up things like this: 100 years, which was a fun project in itself.

Waple: don't lose your job. Fight the man. Or, maybe you can start a charter school. There's all kinds of government money for those things these days.

Thom: be the new Trump of Chicago. Is that "media mogul" I see in your future job title?

Sara: what job is this that you're working?

Thom said...

Yay for updates!