Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come see an improv show!

Below is the page for my improv group at the iO theatre. We are called Nogat, which is what we imagined would be a name for an off-brand candy bar. It was that or Tuzzler.

Come see a show! The schedule is on the link, and they're usually free, though we perform usually Monday or Wednesday nights, which I know are not the easiest. And, to be frank, while we are decent, it is improv and in all likelihood you could see a shitty show. Regardless, it'd mean a lot to have you come. If not, that's okay. I'm really just filling up space on the blog. Soon I'm just going to change the name of this to Andrew's Life, cause I'm the only one that posts on this *(@#()*!*$(# thing (this makes six straight posts from me).


Thom said...

I might be able to attend one of your Wednesday shows. Congrats again, by the way!

shinysara said...

I'll go with you on a wednesday, thom!