Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This year, I resolve to:
1) Talk to women
2) Do things I don't want to do (see 1)
3) Somehow start having as much fun as I did in college again, which will entail a high amount of productivity, and lots of time with new and old friends.
4) Road trip. I'm really serious about this one. Two summers in a row have failed me. I want it.

1 comment:

Thom said...

1) I did that one recently; it's overrated.
2) I'm risk-aversive, so you can't count me in for that
3) See No. 2 (but seriously, I want to have that much fun too!)
4) Dude, bro, name the dates and places... you can count me in, for real this time. My work sked is flexible.