Sunday, January 17, 2010

What are the top three things you would want to do for a living?

Rock star
Famous comedian
Advocate for the poor

Dodgeball business owner


jp said...

I'm pretty confident at this point that I:

A. Want to stop working for the man.

B. Want to form an organization that solves the world's problems.

C. Become the next Iron Man. Yes, the super hero.

But mostly I just want to sit on the beach, ride jetskis with hot babes and daquiris, then retire to my beach house slash friends-and-exclusives-only party each night.

But you guys already knew that. It's on your calendars.

Waple said...

Hahaha... I almost forgot about the plan to have a house with friends-and-exclusives-only. It actually wasn't on my calendar, but for fun's sake and in some seriousness, can you give a projected year by which this might happen? I want to plan around it.

Also, how can we team up to help solve the world's problems? There's a lot of problems. I like grass roots organizations, so I'm down for putting more of my time to helping people in ways that I can really see. Local stuff?

jp said...

I'm projecting around the age of 32. Just in time for me to begin wrapping up my retirement. Well, "retirement" in that I just won't be working to pay bills any more-- it'll be go time on solving worldly problems. Grassroots is essential to success, but we'll be hitting it from the top, too. It's something that's rarely done, tackling big problems from both sides like that. Absolutely effective, I think.

Can't wait.

Michael said...

1) Supervillain who's really just misunderstood and is externalizing his frustrations with the world in a destructive manner, who is later reformed to the side of good (but only after sinking the continent of Australia)

2) Robot pilot

3) Nightclub owner

Thom said...

1. Famous, wealthy writer and poet

2. Owner and mediator of a new age creative writing school

3. Owner of a not-for-profit organization meant to help heal those afflicted with psychiatric conditions through the arts

As shocking as it may seem, once #1 happens, the other two become all the more likely.