Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been studying relationships.

In order to better understand the interactions of people and to try and self-diagnose my lack of interest in relationships (and also to deal with the fact that a new division in my company has relevance), I've been gathering data on said subject.

Here's one of the greatest visuals supporting the biggest theory:

Consequently, is one of the best sites I've visited in a while, maybe next to the infamous fail blog (an oldie, but a goodie).

Hope you're all well. I'm busy kicking ass.


shinysara said...

that is freakin awesome, good job john

Waple said...

did you make that or find it on that site? I see lots of entertaining stuff there. I've never heard of fail blog though.

jp said...

Oh, no-- I only wish I could take credit for it. The good people at pulled that together. I just thought it was very true.

Wapes, the fail blog is something I think you'd really enjoy:

I'm surprised you haven't heard of it before; seems like something you'd get excited about, because it's people like some of your students, making hilarious misspellings on public signs and not even checking their work, or using a toilet in the family photo.

Michael said...

That graph looks like a depiction of a [i]cunning linguist[/i], if you get my drift.

Or maybe I'm just dirty in the brain.

Michael said...

I fail HTML tagging for using board tags instead. faaaaail.

Thom said...

I think it's hilarious that awkwardness is listed twice.

Danger said...

I think having a big ding dong should be somewhere on that list, and overpower everything else. Also if the girl is a bitch/lesbian, she should be forwarded to another graph called 'Best trajectories to use when throwing yourself off a bridge, you useless to the world cunt'