Thursday, December 27, 2007

and again

This is what I get for checking the blog. No one writing. But because I made an "agreement" with Thom to keep posting every time I check (and I haven't even been doing that) I felt the need to continue. Since it's boring to tell everyone what I GOT for Christmas, I'll tell you what I didn't get.
I didn't get:
a bazillion dollars
a Brasilian model
a pyramid
a bronze statue of myself that rotates to always face the sun (like in Turkmenistan)
four DeLoreans
a date with Lance Bass (thank god)
religion (and still don't)
herpes (yay)

This leaves an infinite number of things that I could have gotten. Such as:
a new face
FIVE DeLoreans
lost graded Kobe Bryant rookie card
Turkmenistan itself
Hitler's fashion sense
a wheel
seven brides for seven brothers
a lock of rob's pubes
a basket full of other, smaller baskets
nine lives
a cold

But I assure you that none of those items were acquired either. What an uneventful Christmas. What did you NOT get?

1 comment:

Thom said...

I didn't get...
the meaning of life, but I think I'll happen upon it one warm winter eve.

I should've gotten...
a girlfriend, but I think she'll happen upon me one hot, sweaty summer day.