Thursday, October 18, 2007


Look here. Let's celebrate my birthday. That's all I demand. And that's all I demand. And a cake. That has chocolate. And has icing on it made into the following shapes:

Thank you.


Cognac said...

i am a terrible friend.
happy belated belated birthday! (that's one belated for each month).
to waple and brad and thom and everyone else whether you had a birthday or not sometime in the last several months.

Cognac said...

oh and let me add the following few personal developments:
1) I think i am coming back to USA this summer, and starting grad school if i am able to trick them into accepting me.
2) I tried smoking hashish but it didn't affect my brain, does that mean i am crazy? or naturally doped?
3) please accept my apologies for missing all of your occasions and fests, keg or no keg
4) i don't like the number 4, and
5) for those of you who are wondering i am currently in alexandria in egypt and really it's not much different from cincinnati if it were on lake erie and without a middle class