Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bling bling!

Engarde! I have returned to write on this blog, which I consider a display of fealty to my dearest of comrades. Me, I have a sample bottle of cognac still in my backpack from an AirFrance flight last March, somehow I forgot it was there until now. At the moment, I am in the middle of my two-semester, free-ride stint at the American University in Cairo (doing Arabic, what else), occasionally making Blutgelt from die Regierung, smoking more but drinking less, juggling sordid affairs, yelling at corrupt police officers who won't do anything but smoke cheep cigarettes and chuckle at perverse jokes without a bribe, and otherwise wandering aimlessly and trying to put off grad school until I know exactly what I am doing here anyways, etc. I hope that clears up any confusion about where I am / what I am doing.
I also hope all of you are still the fabulous bon vivants I know you to be, and have enjoyed a fabulous New Year's ball. Please receive my warmest love and the like.


Waple said...

And I was just checking this blog to post and say how I don't really check it anymore, and I wonder if certain people still do, ie, Ben.
Great to hear from you, Ben! If you ever check this thing, I'd love to hear more about what you're doing out there, but maybe it'll have to wait till you're back in town. Hope all is well.

jp said...

...or post some dang pictures!

Glad to hear you're doing well (or at least appear to be). Enjoy the overseas.

Thom said...

Ben!!! Could you whisper us some sweet nothings in Arabic?

I'm so happy to read from you and know you're doing well! Keep us up to date! And let the socialism live thrive!