Monday, July 10, 2006

New Apartment!

Yo, was missing you guys a lot and then decided to stop being a jerk for a while and post an update. Seeing everyone at little 5 was amazing, and I apologize to everyone for generally sucking at keeping in touch. To everything John said, ditto. I feel your pain, man. Just because we aren't good at keeping in touch, doesn't mean we care any less.
So yeah, still working my crappy photo job, but looking. In the meantime, I have my own place now- a 2 bedroom apartment that ISN'T my parent's house. Woohoo! Just got Beth moved in this week, too. Yep, she has officially moved in with me. For better or worse, this should be an amazing year. Now if only I could find that job that didn't suck...
Finished reading both of Thom's books, too. I was blown away, man- keep up the good work. The poetry is amazing, and the novel is a definite promise of wonders to come as you mature as an author. But then, we all know Thom- and we know what he is capable of.
Anyhow, keep in touch, my peeps. By whatever means necessary, we must fight off that post-college depression. For me, I'll stick to booze and books, and lots of sex.

PS- I'll be coming up to B-town in August for the Jimmy Buffett concert with Rob. Anyone gonna be around?

-Steve out