Monday, March 27, 2006

Hey all

Hey guys,
Damn glad to hear from you- maybe this will help me keep in touch a little better. Which is something I'm really horrible at, as you can probably tell. If you've been trying to contact me, I no longer have my email- I am now . That, and yes, I too have become a myspace whore... apparently no one is immune. .
So what's been up? I've just been working my crappy photography job and looking for something that I don't hate to do for a living. Hopefully I will find something soon. I really, really miss you guys. So when we getting together this summer?
If anyone can make it to Thom's book release in a couple days, say hi and congrats for me (I'm brokeass and can't make it).
Keep in touch,

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Waple said...

wow, thank god for steve's post. I was just about to post something simply cause I was tired of looking at the guy's ugly mug (shot). On a related note, I talked to the maggy about the robbery (that rhymes) and to keep it short and discrete, it sounds like she will be innocent, or should be. Who knows if things will go as she said she hopes they will. Basically, she was made to do it.
Anyway. Hello Steve! I know I'll be in Bloomington A LOT in April. Every weekend except the 7th, so if you come up I'll be there.
And Ben, are you in Alexandria? What are you doing? Are you a terrorist yet? Say hello to Johnny Walker for me.
Hope everyone's well and I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of you soon.