Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Such a nerd.

John, you're such a nerd. I think that's why we all love ya. Anyhoo, good idea.

New Business:
Profits are up. Employee output is up. Hiring department is attempting to locate a demographic for more assets. Also no longer being sued by Anotherbigcorporationincompetitionwith us. The business was taken care of, so to speak. We won't be hearing from them any time soon.

We also need to contact the Manager and the Secretary of SCG. They both were located in different branches of the office. (they were girls).

"Sincerity - The truthfullness lies above and beyond and profits gained. "
~Poster on the Company Lawyer's Wall


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jp said...

Oh, man- I totally remember the SCG days.. perhaps it's time for a return, now that my web knowledge is increased ten-fold.